Thursday, August 4, 2011

What's in your belly?

Yesterday, I received an email from my cousin in regards to my upcoming baby shower. It read:

BTW – I have always told R & M that babies come from God and that you go to the hospital to get them (like a special delivery!)  So if they ask you about your belly … please go along w/ my easy breezy explanation as much as possible.

Not me. Obviously. The hilarious Tina Fey.

My immediate response was to tell her we would direct any questions from her children to her or her husband. While I still think that is my best response, I started to develop other concerns as I talked about it with Panda. 

First, we're worried that we are being asked to lie about what is inside my belly. We definitely do not want to deny that a baby is in there. We believe that saying there is a baby in my belly is not in violation of my cousin's wishes. At least, we hope. We will still direct the children back to their parents, should their questions persist. 

Second, I developed (perhaps a slightly irrational) pregnancy anger. I feel a little silly about this, but I was/am upset that she is trying to change the tone of my baby shower. It's about my baby! A part of me thinks that if she can't talk to her children about the reality of a baby inside me, than she shouldn't bring them to the shower.

This is just the beginning of juggling other parents and how we should talk about bigger issues with our own children. My cousin's explanation is not one I would give to my child, and yet it's not wrong and completely her right to raise her children in the best way she knows how. 

Okay. Fine. But does this juggling have to start at my shower?

(I promise my next post will be on a lighter, less whiny note.)


  1. That is totally weird. It reminds me of when Calvin's (a la Calvin and Hobbes) dad told him babies came from Kmart and that they got him on sale (blue light special). This is pretty much the same explanation.

  2. I dont think she's trying to change the point of your shower - clearly - it's a *baby shower*!! but i do think she has her own issues when it comes to how babies are created. Silly. Sad. What have you.

    And I guess in response to the juggling - yup. But you can feel free to drop whatever you're juggling too. You're allowed to make mistakes ^-^